3Circle’s Ministry Residency is a program focused on equipping the next generation of leaders in carrying out the mission of the Church, through hands on ministry experience coupled with biblically based leadership training.

Why 3Circle Church

At 3Circle Church, God has greatly blessed our ministries and given us unique opportunities to reach our communities for the Gospel: locally, regionally, and globally. We are honored to be chosen by God, as a part of the global Church, to carry out His mission and His purposes in and through everything we do. God is working day in and day out, and we want to be a part of what He is doing in our cities and in our world.

About Us

3Circle Church is a thriving body of believers with five campuses across Baldwin, Clarke, and Mobile, Alabama counties. Even as a larger church, we strive to make every guest, regular attender, and member feel like 3Circle is a place they can connect with other believers, grow spiritually, and feel at home. Our goal to accomplish this is through helping lead every person to a growing relationship with Jesus by reaching up in worship, reaching in for spiritual growth, and reaching out to spread the Gospel and show God’s love to the communities around us.

3Circle Church has appeared in Outreach magazine on several occasions for being one of the top 100 churches in the nation, for both size and rate of growth. We believe this is due to God’s blessing and provision over our church, and our passion to reach the lost. At 3Circle, we are always on mission! Along with our local campuses, we partner with 31 missionaries across 20 countries.

Ministry Opportunities

With this reach comes a diverse range of ministry opportunities, including rural, inner-city, non-profit, and community ministry areas. Our newest campus also affords the experience of a set-up/tear-down church model. Though we have multiple campuses under our name, they are all unique and encompass different styles of ministry, all dependent on geographic location and needs of that specific area.

Non-Profit & Urban Ministries

Through a partnership with the non-profit ForMidtown, 3Circle Church is dedicated to the spiritual, economic, and material renewal of the midtown Mobile community. ForMidtown is focused on are helping the Church become a true preview of heaven through intentional multi-class, multi-ethnic, multi -generational ministry. This is done through equip leaders with skills to lead organizational change, live out cross cultural competency, and deploy missional impact in urban communities.

Family Ministries

One of our ever-growing areas of ministry is Family Ministry, encompassing birth-high school, supporting families in training their children to be active disciples of Jesus who take ownership of their faith after high school. As a part of our focused and intentional model of family ministry, our team produces its own age-based curriculum that is now utilized by other churches for Jr. (birth-Pre-K), Kids (K-4th grade), Preteen (5th-6th grade), Middle School (7th-8th grade), and High School (9th-12th grade). Under this umbrella of Family Ministry, we also offer a SOAR ministry, which is the only special needs ministry in our region.

Church Planting – Sending Network

3Circle Church is certified through the North American Mission Board’s Send Network to train and equip qualified candidates for church planting through their curriculum, which has successfully been used to plate over 9,000 churches in North America. Not only is 3Circle church committed to the training of church planters, but the planting of churches locally, regionally, and globally through our very own sending process.

In addition to this, through 3Circle's partnership with GenSend, residents of the Church Planting track will be given the opportunity to spend their summers in a "Send City" getting hands on experience as the work along side active church planters. This amazing opportunity will give residence the chance to understand exactly what it takes to be sent, experience a new and exciting culture, and see what it is like first hand to plant a church; all while building relationships that will last a lifetime.


Through Worship Ministry, we serve the mission of 3Circle by facilitating an environment in which people encounter the living God (gathered) and are led to please Him with their lives (scattered). We consider our musical worship experience to be a contemporary style with foundations in hymnology and rich theology. At 3Circle, we believe deeply that theology should be connected to every word we sing from any platform.

Branching from our largest campus in Fairhope, AL, we operate with excellence in our technology and media areas, including our live streaming platform and AVL team.

Everyone is gifted uniquely by God, in such a way that God uses all of us, collectively, to fulfill His mission through the local Church. Through a combination of identifying a person's gifts, and where the needs are within the church, people are mobilized to serve at our campuses in a variety of ways. In the context of Worship Arts, we have a process which we call Worship Discovery. The heart of Worship Discovery is helping people explore and develop their music and leadership giftings, and discover ways to serve within Worship Arts ministry at 3Circle.


3Circle Music is a ministry of 3Circle Church and an official Publishing entity that is the songwriting and recording arm of our Worship Arts ministry. This area exists to reflect the beauty and artistry of our Creator in all that is created; declare God’s unchanging character and redemptive work, through all generations; and engage people in fervent response to Jesus, and in community with one another. With our on-site recording capabilities, studio environment, and mixing/mastering on-staff availability, 3Circle Music releases regular live and studio content that is both original, from our staff writers, and covered from other worship artists in our live setting.


3Circle Wave is a branch of 3Circle Music, stemming specifically from the unique cultural and diverse environment of our Midtown – Mobile, AL campus.

Young Adults

3Circle Young Adults is a ministry that focuses on building an environment of community, worship, growth, and service for college students and young professionals, ages eighteen to thirty. It does this through two major ways: first, it focuses on monthly worship gatherings, weekly small groups, and events that are intentionally crafted to bring young adults together, while connecting them to the church as a whole. Second, through bi-monthly Gospel training courses, it equips Young Adults with the tools they need to effectively fulfill the great commission in their daily lives.


While this curriculum will play a part in the program, residents will spend most of their time gaining valuable hands-on ministry experience across all of our campuses, while pinpointing their specific calling through uniquely tailored tracks in the areas of: Church Planting, Non-Profit & Urban Ministries, Student Ministry, Family Ministry, Worship Ministry, Worship Technologies.

  • Church Planting

  • Non-Profit &
    Urban Ministries

  • Student Ministry

  • Family Ministry

  • Worship Ministry

  • Worship Technologies

Now accepting applications for Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024



  • Is the Ministry Residency a paid position?

    Yes. While ministry residents will not receive a salary or benefits, they will be provided with free housing and utilities, along with a weekly stipend to cover other expenses. It is our goal to give residents from around the world the opportunity to gain ministry experience, at no cost to them. Residents are able to apply for other gainful employment in the area as long as it does not interfere with their agreed upon schedules.

  • Do I have to live in the residency housing?

    Housing in the area is provided to all residents, as a part of their contract. If a resident declines the provided housing, they are welcome to make other arrangements at their own cost. If housing is declined, their weekly stipend will be increased.

  • What does a typical week look like in the residency?

    All residents will maintain a weekly schedule of thirty hours. While ministry can look different from week to week, residents can expect to spend eight hours at church on Sundays, six hours in the office during the week, three hours fulfilling the general weekly training, three hours on focused track training, six hours at the church for weeknight ministries, and four flex hours (that may or may not be utilized) for special events.

  • How long does the residency last?

    The Residency is a twelve-month program. 3Circle Church does reserve the ability to release residents prior to the completion of the program, if deemed necessary.

  • What is the difference between the ministry residency and a church internship?

    Internships serve as an opportunity for individuals to serve in the church in a manner that is worthy of a stipend for their services. Interns are asked to serve by individual ministry leaders based on their own merit. While residents also serve at the church and receive a stipend for their services, the primary focus of the program is to provide hands on experience and a formal ministry training for those who are specifically called to vocational ministry. Residents must apply and interview to join the program.

  • Do I need to attend 3Circle Church to be a ministry resident?

    Our vision for the 3Circle Ministry Residency is for individuals from any church to receive the opportunity to be trained for vocational ministry. With that said, you do not have to attend 3Circle Church to apply for the residency program. If you are, however, accepted to the program, attendance of 3Circle Church is a requirement of the residency.

  • Do I need to be Southern Baptist to be a resident?

    In short, no, you do not have to be a member of the Southern Baptist Convention to apply for the ministry residency. We do, however, want to assure that all applicants have a similar Biblical view of Scripture, theology, polity, and sexuality prior to their acceptance. This is confirmed during the application process through the affirmation of specific statements and creeds.

  • How can my church or organization partner with or promote 3Circle’s Ministry Residency Program?

    To parter with the residency program, please email us at residency@3circlechurch.com. For promotion, you can click HERE to access slides, videos, and other promotional material for use at you church or organization. If you would like to schedule a time for a residency representative to set up an information table, or speak about the residency at your location, please email us.

  • Where can I find more information if am interested in learning more about the University of Mobile and the Center for Christian Calling?

    The Center for Christian Calling was established to instruct students in...

    • Calling to Christ | Presenting the Gospel and calling students to repentance & faith
    • Calling to Ministry | Equipping students for vocational ministry
    • Calling to Servant Leadership | Modeling & mentoring students for effective ministry

    Click HERE for more information
  • Do I need to attend the University of Mobile to be a ministry resident?

    While you need to be enrolled in the University of Mobile as a student to receive college credit for the ministry residency, you do not have to be enrolled to be a part of the program. Non-university students will still receive a certificate from the University of Mobile and 3Circle Church upon completion of the program.

3Circle Church