Marriage is not always blissful… at times, it is downright difficult, always requiring dedication and hard work. But did you know that marriage was created because God knew that it would be good for us? Most importantly, He knew that earthly marriage would be a beautiful symbol of the covenant between Jesus Christ and the Church. Naturally, this is what Satan hates most about God’s design of marriage, so he seeks to destroy it.

In this broken world that we live in, and because we are sinful human beings, there is so much that can cause harm to our marriages. That’s why, at 3Circle Church, we are passionate about equipping couples to fulfill their covenants and have healthy, life-giving marriages. We do this by hosting TrueMarriage events (like TrueMarriage LIVE), resourcing couples, and providing counseling services with our pastors and our Hope Center.


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JH Ranch’s couples programs

If you are looking to seriously reboot or refresh your marriage, we encourage you to check out the week-long Couples Programs that JH Ranch offers. JH Ranch is a ministry that uses adventures in the great outdoors to teach and model the two greatest commandments - to love God and love others.


Marriage Counseling

Christian counselors can be found at our Hope Centers (located in Fairhope & Mobile).
Schedule an appointment today by calling 251-445-2273.