Welcome to Camp 3Circle

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for Camp 3Circle! Every year hundreds of kids flood all four campuses of 3Circle Church for a week we hope they never forget. Through live worship, Bible study, and exciting activities, we point them to the amazing God who loves them. Our hope is that any child who attends this fun-filled week will come away with a greater understanding of His Word and His unending love for them.

This year, Camp 3Circle is going “Under the Big Top” to experience the wonder of our miraculous God. Throughout the week, children will take a deeper look at the miracles God used to display His power to all people. They will learn that the God who is capable of more than they could ever imagine, put all of His love and power on display through His Son, Jesus.

Camp 3Circle will happen at all of our campuses this year!

3Circle Church