Guatemala Landing Zone | COVID-19

Guatemala Landing Zone | COVID-19

April 22

By: Mary Purvis, serving in Guatemala 

The entire world is flipped upside-down right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Guatemala has drastically changed, too. Curfew is currently 4P – 4A. Face masks, fear, unemployment, and hunger are daily challenges. My first decision was whether I needed to leave Guatemala and head back to USA to be with my 96-year old Dad. Airports were closing. I had to decide fast. As heartbreaking as it was, there was only one choice for me. To stay. More tough decisions followed quickly. We had to close the feeding program, stop having youth group, halt construction on the new outreach center, and send home the women that live/work in my home. Things changed quickly. However, my mission stays the same. To bring good news to the brokenhearted, freedom for the captives, HOPE in Jesus Christ. 

• My weekly radio program continues, remotely, from home.
• Youth group meets online 3 times a week. The exciting part here is youth leaders are stepping out into new roles of ministering online to their peers.
• Lastly, we are providing food for the hungry. Many people work from day to day to eat. No job means no food. I’ve assembled a small team to take beans, rice, corn, and one other item each week to 150 people in Pacux, and every other week to 73 people in the neighborhood of La Colonia. 

None of us know what tomorrow may hold. But as for me and my house, we will continue to serve the Lord. HE is my HOPE. In HIM I trust.

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