January 2020

By: Amy Strassburg

In January 2020, I had the pleasure of taking my 14 year old son with me on a medical mission trip to Honduras, through 3Circle Church. In general, we had an idea of what was expected of us, but we had no idea the week that was in store. As an internal medicine physician, I was on the medical part of the team (divided into worship, triage, medical, pharmacy, and dental), and my job was much like I do every day, just without x-rays, labs, and electronic medical records. Others on our 19 member team were photographers, construction workers, business owners, dental professionals, electrical engineers, nurses, and stay- at-home moms. We came from all different backgrounds with simple basics in common: love for the Lord and a desire to help. Each member was integral to our success in Honduras, and their dedication and enthusiasm kept me going each day. We stayed in Lizapa in a clinic/mission that our church supports, and we were treated to delicious meals before and after our long clinic days. Each morning, we would load our supplies and our team members (including translators) on a flatbed truck and drive into the countryside of Honduras, reaching unreached villages in need of spiritual and medical assistance. In five days, we saw nearly 1000 patients, and we rejoiced over 155 salvations. We treated foot ulcers, injected joints, offered breathing treatments, and medical education; we extracted teeth and performed dental fillings and hygiene. We loved on the people of Honduras, and we were rewarded with smiles, hugs, prayers and well wishes.


3Circle Church