India Missions

India Missions

My mission trip to India By: Stacy Johnston

I never felt God calling me to go on a global mission trip, until I volunteered at the Hope Center in 2010. I heard the incredible things happening on the mission field and my interest was piqued! I began to pray for confirmation from God. I was pretty certain the answer was "yes", but "not now". In the meantime, I joined the church staff and began to serve in student ministry. I knew that I would go on a global mission trip and trusted God with the when & where. 

In late 2017, I told Rodney Phillips, our global missions pastor, that I was ready to serve globally. He told me about the trip to Hyderabad, India in Oct. 2018. 3Circle permanent missionaries, Jacob & Cynthia Baker, manage 7 homes for Sarah’s Covenant House, a ministry for special needs children orphaned or abandoned in Hyderabad. I had talked with the Baker’s last summer at church, and their ministry stayed on my heart and in my prayers. I knew that was where I needed to go. I have an amazing support system of people who joined me in praying for this trip. Had I asked questions like “how long is the flight”, or “is all the food spicy”, there is a good chance I would have backed out. I am so thankful I did not! 

The Baker family truly represent the attitude of a servant's heart. I was struck by the impact they are making, not only in the children’s lives, but also in the community. The Indian culture sees orphans, especially special needs orphans, as a burden not worth the resources. Sarah’s Covenant House offers a lifeline to these kids. One of the goals is to find a forever family for each child, but they also improve the current quality of life for the children tremendously. The kids are loved and cared for, taught English, and they learn about their Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Our team from 3Circle was able to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls in five of the homes occupied by the children. My favorite times were the ones spent with the kids. I learned that 9 -12-year-old girls in India are very much like our girls right here in Alabama! The Bakers were incredible hosts, and they made sure we experienced the local culture and kept us well fed! 

Most of us will not be called to serve as permanent missionaries. I believe God calls the rest of us to support those who do with our prayers and finances.


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